One of our dreams for the IMC Taiwan Mission has always been about a significant number that can assure our stability and and mission. Right from the very beginning it was in the intention of the Superiors to boost up the number of the members to, at least four. This is quite appropriate for reasons of establishing a stable base as a Congregation existing in a particular Country, but also for purposes of Mutual support in the new mission.

Since about a year ago, Frs. Jasper and Gilberto were sent to join the other two (Frs. Eugenio and Mathews) in Taiwan; however, only Fr. Jasper managed to report as scheduled (about a half a year ago), while Fr. Gilberto had to continue his English language studies in England. This extended for a period of slightly more than one year, a time characterized with lots of anxiety and patience. But God’s time is the best!!! Our brother is finally here and now we can comfortably say that the initial plan is already at its completion.IMG_2801

No need to repeat the old refrain that says, “All good things come with sacrifice”! It is in this respect that we want to wish our new brother a good beginning but full of painful struggles and yet fulfilling experience of learning the Mandarin Language, Social & Cultural adaptation, etc. We are together in mutual support and no need to say that we also count on the wonderful support of the local people, especially the lovely parishioners of our beloved parish (Sacred Heart of Jesus).IMG_2871

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