It has been a full year since our brother, Fr. Piero returned back to Italy. Since then we learnt to appreciate the fact that God’s ways are not man’s ways; and so had to keep the new mission moving. Being only two in the mission had it’s challenges owing to the fact that this is still a pretty new reality for us; however, on the other hand, it became an opportunity for us to make more friends who have eventually become our source of encouragement. All this was in hope of the reinforcement of personnel as was promised by the Superiors.


Coming to Taiwan as a missionary, especially as a resident, is not an easy process. This was the reason why we had to wait for one year for the arrival of the new confreres. Last month became the “new fulfillment of time”! The arrival of our brother, Fr. Jasper, was received with lots of jubilation as it was clear that the waiting had been far too long. It is indeed a new beginning for us as a team. His presence has re-invigorated our community’s missionary enthusiasm to carry on with the foundation of this new Mission. We are still anxiously waiting for our other confrere, Fr. Gilberto, who is still getting perfecting his English language in England. We do pray for him and hope that he may join us soon.




Hello my brothers, thank you for the pray to me,
really we are together even though the distance separates us.
God bless you every day and give them a lot of strength and faith.

That Lady Consolata intercede for us.


    Hi Gilberto and thanks a lot for the response and the care. Indeed we are fine and thank God for that. We pray that you may conclude your studies soon and join us here. Receive our best regards and God bless.

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