I have just realized that the month is yet again over summing up our stay in this new mission to three months so far. Now I agree with the saying that goes: “no situation is eternal”. This is because when we arrived just three months ago time seemed to be rather static and due to our personal, communal as well as congregational expectations and pressure, time seemed to be the most unfair friend we had just made.

Besides the above mentioned pressures that formed the base of our initial stress and tension, there was this other reality; that some of us were coming from missions where we had already made our little “kingdoms” or “comfort zones” as commonly know in religious terminologies. We were already used to a certain ways of doing things, some type of food, some kind of weather… the list is endless. Turning the tables upside-down has not been so easy, a big contributing factor on the perceived slow motion of time. Well this is not any news.

The good news is that as time is passing by we are quickly realizing that things are starting to move pretty fast and the things that looked so strange to us are starting to appear normal. In fact even our famous “comfort zones” that we used to dream of are quickly falling into oblivion. This is because, consciously or unconsciously, we are beginning to “fall in love” with this new “suitor”. In other words we are starting to feel at home. This means that things are starting to make sense to us little by little, thanks be to God.

This became clear to us when in the last few days we made a trip to the mountains where a Jesuit Priest (Fr. Papa) has been working with the indigenous people of Taiwan for over 50 years. After a long talk with him “which sounded like a seductive talk; like that of God and the Prophet Jeremiah…”, we remained so enthused to the point of convincing ourselves that we are actually in the right place. Right place, because Consolata missionaries are consecrated to God for the mission ad-gentes, especially to the non-Christians and the under privileged of the society.


Such and the many other little experiences we get every other day are certainly becoming stimulants for our new and challenging mission; no wonder we are now realizing that time is no longer moving slowly; it’s no longer an enemy but just a fair friend to all. Rejoice with us as we complete these three months and begin the fourth one which, no doubt, will pass even much faster. We rely on your prayers and support under the undoubtable blessings of the Lord.



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