It’s with great pleasure that I write this note, evidently exited that we have reached at the end of our 2nd month’s presence in the land of Taiwan and indeed in the diocese of Hsinchu. To be realistic, this might sound to you rather funny since two months are practically no time to be exited about or even to celebrate; however, from our point of view, it’s all the contrary.

You will agree with me that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” as the famous say goes, but at the beginning of such a long journey, there are always lots of fear, anxiety uncertainties, etc. This makes the beginning seem eternity; in fact just a single day can mean lots of joy as well as lots of pain. Just as the English goes: “everything is difficult before it becomes easy”, our case has not been an exception. The very first month was quite challenging since all was new to us, as you can well imagine; but eventually “morning came and evening came, the first month!”

The second month has been marked with other set of new challenges, however, some of those which were in the first month slowly started becoming history; they started becoming easy instead of being difficult. Therefore “morning came and evening came, the second month!”

Some of the most significant events worth noting of this month were:

1. The task of choosing a new Chinese name for our IMC Congregation as demanded by the local context (refer to my previous article on “New Birth?”.

2. Our historical visit to the South of the Island. Historical because it was our very first time to visit the south of Taiwan since our arrival. This is very significant for us since it makes part of our study of the possibilities of future mission areas of IMC in the Island. The visit was to “PingDongTaiwan WanJin Catholic Church” in Kaohsiung Diocese, on the occasion of a colorful Mass to mark 113 years of its existence since its foundation.




Now you certainly understand why we are celebrating the end of this second month as we usher in with joy the beginning of the third month. We ask for your continual prayers and support as we trust in God’s Fatherly love and guidance. Amen.

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