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The 2nd September 2014 becomes the official date of departure of the three pioneer missionaries destined to the new mission in Taiwan. This day has been long awaited by both the tree missionaries as well as the entire Consolata family, since the other new mission opened this year in Angola was already inaugurated early last month (August 2014). Therefore there have been lots of expectations on when and how the new opening would be.

Due to many missiological reasons, the team together with the superiors, have decided to make a stopover in South Korea before making the last move to Taiwan on 12th September 2014. This is fundamentally because South Korea, being the first Consolata mission in the continent of Asia, has become like the “Mother House” for the Consolata missions in Asia. Since the Taiwan team had been in Mongolia two months ago, it was just necessary that they pass through South Korea so to have a better idea of how to go about the new opening in Taiwan, yet another Asian territory.
At 10:00 a.m. was the hour to leave the General House towards the Fiumicino Airport. We were seen off by our confreres led by Fr. Ugo (the General Councilor for Europe and Asia). The journey was long, passing through Frankfurt, but full of God’s graces.




On our arrival at Seoul Airport (in the Capital city of South Korea) we were warmly received by our confreres (Fr. Pedro Louro, Fr. Juan Paulo and Fr. Tamrat). Later in the house we met the other confreres who were busy with apostolic work (Frs. Clement, Pedro, Kapule…). They all organized a wonderful dinner for our reception with a group of lay missionaries. It was really a wonderful time to share life and the mission of God with this joyful Korean community.
We shall remain here for the next 9 day as we learn from our missionaries in this Korean mission before embarking on our own missionary commitment in Taiwan. Your prayers are so necessary and let’s all feel together in this new missionary adventure.

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