Dear friends, kindly join us to celebrate the conclusion of the 9th month in this new mission of Taiwan. All we can say is that the Lord has been good to us, showering us with grace upon grace. It has not been a bed of roses for us; however, we see the Lord’s hand in our day-to-day life.
As has been our tradition to write a rather detailed article at the end of every month; this time, instead, I would like to make a flashback on our little journey covered so far. I’ll post a few photos to help illustrate the most significant moments of our journey right from the time we first met in Italy up to date. Pray with us that the Lord may continue blessing this new mission.

taiwan_groupThis was our very first meeting as a group in Italy (April 2014). This was blessed by the presence of the General Superior, Fr. Stephano Camerlengo.

IMG_9298This reminds us the very difficult process of looking for the visa to Taiwan. This Taiwan Ambassador to the Holy See really helped us. He is a man with a great heart.

IMG-20140521-WA0000The beautiful times spent at Palidoro Parish (Rome) doing some pastoral work while waiting for our Documents to Taiwan.

DSC_6868A joint Spiritual Exercises and Asian Assembly in Mongolia (June 2014). We were privileged to attend this beautiful group even though we had not yet officially reported in our new mission.

IMG-20140903-WA0005Our departure from Rome and arrival in South Korea on our way to Taiwan (September 2014). We appreciate the wonderful reception accorded us by our missionaries and Christians in S. Korea.

DSC01413Our historical inaugural Mass marking our arrival in Taiwan and official opening of the new mission (12th September 2015)

IMG-20141113-WA0000After our arrival in Taiwan and Hsinchu Diocese, our kind Bishop Lee took his time to introduce us to complex reality of the Catholic church reality. He took us to the South of Taiwan to see another picture of the country. We thank him for his kindness.

11054444_10203134468997452_4913006286098658122_nThis is our Present reality: study the language in class and then try to practice the same with these lovely people in our little pastoral engagements. We thank the Lord for His goodness. We also thank the Taiwan society for being so kind in receiving and accepting us just the way we are.


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